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Uncrewed Solutions for a Complex World


Drone services, also known as uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV) services, is the emerging market for services built around flying robots that can be remote-controlled or flown autonomously using software-controlled flight plans in their embedded systems.


When choosing a drone for your business, it’s crucial to understand the differences between commercial and hobby drones as their features, capabilities, and intended uses vary significantly. For commercial-grade drones, payload capacity, battery life, endurance, and ease of integration become mission-critical.


Uncrewed Aerospace brings the technical capabilities, relationships, and subject-matter expertise to help clients navigate the disruptive and emerging world of uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAV). For emerging technology, we can advise on go-to-market strategies, investor relations, and/or regulatory matters.

Above the Clouds


Uncrewed Aerospace is an end-to-end UAV solutions provider helping clients develop scalable UAS and AAM operations. We provide expert input from inception to full integration of safe, regulatory-compliant operations with a focus on commercial outcomes. The Uncrewed Aerospace team can assess your uncrewed initiatives and develop the budget and execution roadmap to bring the promised business objectives to fruition.

With more than 6,000 UAV flight hours under our wings, numerous industry certifications, and awards, we are the sought-after experts in the UAV industry, our team brings their collective experience and vast knowledge to your organization at a fraction of the cost.





Michael was an early adaptor to UAS technology and has paved the way for many industry-interested individuals and organizations. He has introduced businesses, legislators, first responders, and various enterprise leaders to the UAS space. He is a consummate professional, a knowledgeable and congenial colleague, and an asset to the UAS/drone industry. I highly recommend Michael as a go-to for sound advice and industry expertise.

Head of Global Marketing at Pointivo

Amy T. Wiegand

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